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Unique Flavours Launched in 2022

Ever tasted Chawanprash ice cream? You will be surprised to hear this concoction even existed back in 2020 when Karnataka-based brand, Dairy Day introduced it to the Indian market. The aftermath of COVID-19 has brought some drastic changes in the food and beverage trends, especially with the health risks.

Brands have been experimenting with healthier and quirkier options as per the changes in consumer psychology.

In the past two years, there has been a rise in viral food trends with some unique combinations. People made so much Dalgona coffee, mini pancakes, and more that social media company TikTok launched its very own food delivery service, specializing in trendy recipes.

As more recipes and flavours get picked up, brands too experiment, a lot of which shows up in their product launches.

PepsiCo came out with its limited edition Pepsi Nitro – a nitrogen-based soda. Nitro brews have been all the rage with coffee and beer drinkers liking this technique. Pepsi also introduced a drink called ‘Pilk’ – a combination of Pepsi and milk in their Christmas campaign. Coca-Cola launched three limited edition drinks – Starlight (inspired by space), Byte (supposedly tastes like pixels), Dreamworld (citrusy, marshmallow & ice soda).

Brands have also introduced Indianised versions of products. Keventers came out with Kesar Badam Thick Shake, Kwality Walls with Gulab Jamun ice cream and Naturals ice cream has been working on making an orange barfi-flavoured dessert. Snickers Kesar Pista can also be listed in this category.

There are brands that have been trying out variations of their products with Mcdonald’s launching adult happy meals and the Philippines-based brand ‘Keerimo’ trying to enter the Indian market with its unique brand packaging that serves food and drinks in the same cup.

Let’s take a look at some more unique food and beverage trends and flavours introduced by brands in 2022.


The classic chocolate and vanilla ice creams might be fan favourites but fusion ice creams are the new thing. For Mumbai-based ice cream brand Trayog, bringing in cultural traditions is important to deliver rich Indian flavours. The brand’s motif is making quirky ice cream flavours inspired by puran poli, meetha paan, even ukadiche modak.

Trayog on Instagram: “Make your own modak. Head to Zomato/Swiggy right now! #icecream #icecreamlover #food #foodstagram #dessert #trayogicecream”

KFC India x Nestle

KFC India partnered with Nestle to create an iconic combination of its popcorn bowl with fan favourite Maggi noodles. People might have experimented with various Maggi combinations before but this twist with Chicken Popcorn might prompt you to try it.

KFC Popcorn Bowl with Maggi | #LetsKFC - YouTube


While fruit-flavoured snacks are quite common in India, KitKat lovers very much love the classic chocolate layered wafers. But the brand came out with its Mixed fruit and Mango flavoured wafer chocolates.

Credit: KitKat

Bira 91

The brand, known for its dynamic flavours, released four new limited edition beers – Bollywood IPA (West Coast style), Kokum Sour, Brown Ale, and Mango Lassi. The drinks were made using indigenous products to bring out India’s raw creativity fueled by its artists.

#ImaginedInIndia: The perfect combination of art, flavors & local ingredients #BrownAle, #MangoLassiAle, #KokumSourBeer & #BollywoodIPA are now back in stock. Hurry, stock up now #Bira91Beers #MakePlayWithFlavors

— Bira 91 (@bira91) June 8, 2022

Snickers India

Almost everyone loves the caramel-oozing chocolate bar brand, Snickers. Imagine the chocolate bar tasting like Kesar Pista.

Can’t get over the fact that Kesar Pista Snickers are a thing..

— m (@khandbapa) April 5, 2022


The brand launched its first ‘Made in India’ coffee cracker called ‘Biscafe’. The biscuit aims to become “Coffee ka better half”.


Kurkure expanded its portfolio with the addition of the latest flavour ‘Chatpata Cheese’. The brand tapped into the classic ‘Masala’ flavour, pairing it with the globally favoured – ‘Cheddar Jalapeno’. The new flavour aims to localize the global cheese snacks rage with their communication theme – ‘desi pe videsi ka chatpatapan’.


A cup of coffee and some Parle G biscuit is a go-to combination for many. This is why the biscuit and snacks company introduced two new flavours – Parle G Oats and Berries and Kismi Cinnamon biscuits. The brand follows the trend of entering the healthy foods segment and entices coffee lovers.

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