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Emergence of Celeb shout-out platforms as a communication tool

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Celebrity fan management is an emerging advertising opportunity that is catching advertiser’s imagination. It is a platform that allows an advertiser to approach their desired celebrity and create content by paying a nominal amount. This would allow the advertiser to tailor make their content using different celebrities for different regions and audience segments.

During this pandemic these types of videos are gaining popularity and traction. Moreover these videos are becoming good alternatives to a TVC. It is also turning out to be an alternate source of easy revenue for the celebrities whether they are big or small. Advertisers can pick and choose celebrities from fil, TV, sports, music, hospitality to social influencers.

How does it work?

Brands can pick up their celebrities paying the fixed price and block him/her for specific day and time and create a video using him/her. It is obvious that the celebrity needs to be briefed properly to avoid retakes.

Players involved in this category are Unlu, TrueFan, Celebfie, myFanPark, Wysh, & Gonuts as far as I know of.

The potential for this segment as a communication tool is immense and hence the growth opportunity for this segment looks hugely lucrative. Because of the huge potential available here whole lot of VC funding and innovations are happening in this category

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