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Brand surveys for YouTube on TV screens

Brand Lift will help advertisers optimise brand surveys for YouTube on TV screens, which users will be able to navigate or skip using a remote.

YouTube announces new features to help advertisers make the most of the viewership hike amidst the lockdown and better navigate through the rapidly changing environment. These include Brand Lift measurement on the TV screen and flexible formats for content casted onto the TV screen.

The video streaming giant will also start sharing new advertiser insights. While the launch of Brand Lift is being accelerated, it would still be a few weeks before it is made available for the YouTube add. In early Q3, it would be launched for YouTube TV.

Making it easier to measure results

YouTube is accelerating the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens. For viewers, this would mean surveys would now be optimised for the big screen and interactivity will be via the TV remote. People can easily respond or skip the survey.

On the brand side of things, the feature will enable marketers to make informed decisions about ad performance. It will also help them better optimise streaming campaigns in real-time, whether they are using Google Ads or Display & Video 360 for both reservation and auction campaigns.

More formats for the big screen

Last year, YouTube Masthead was launched for TV screens to help advertisers drive awareness with a large audience in a single moment. It had helped advertisers like Uber to reach wider audiences and expand the scope of a marketing initiative like #MoveWhatMatters.

Now, YouTube is introducing this popular skippable ad format for content that is casted onto the TV screen.

Staying at home is also causing a major shift in streaming viewership. YouTube has observed a significantly large number of people to have shifted to stream content on connected TV screens. This trend is causing changes in the way a user engages with the content as they are watching it with others rather than indulging in an individual experience on mobile.

Such trends and insights are bound to significantly impact media spends, prompting YouTube to better their tools in regards to TV streaming.

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