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About Learn@Spring


Founding Partner


Make 'Learn@Spring' as the most preferred source of media talent for companies to create World Leaders in Integrated Media Planning & Media Marketing


Create a strong and vast pool of media talent who could be employed by large media organizations


The L@S Philosophy:


An initiative to develop and nurture Integrated Marketing Communication Planning Skills

The key to the success of a brand in today’s highly competitive market is its ability to connect with its consumers. Being a via media between the brand and the customer, a communication planner plays a critical role.  It is critical, because his/her decisions can make or break a brand or an organisation.


In this scenario each planner need to be equipped with the requisite skills to rationally and logically build a communication plan. She/he needs to be strategically sound with a strong rationale in justifying decisions.


The who, where, when and how much of this is what we at SPRING inculcate in our participants, developing them into strategically sound Communication Planners. This is where SPRING can make all the difference!

You’ll find it easy to grow and understand the Media Industry here at SPRING. Students get the right insights into integrated communication planning, directly from SPRING’s vastly experienced faculty in communication planning and gain industry experience.


Here we prepare you to effectively and strategically connect the message with the customer. We have the expertise to initiate you into the process, through our expert faculty, structured programmes and the right mindset to inculcate the desired discipline to achieve success.

Course Content @ SPRING: 

Our sessions will take you logically through various aspects of communication planning. We have extensive sessions devoted to significance of communication, basic fundamentals, target audience evolution and target Market prioritisation, seasonality & budget setting over and above strategic plan building process using media bench marking techniques.


The key to SPRING orientation is the fact that the entire is exercise is constructed with ‘BRAND’ as the core and its need to look at media in its holistic spirit in a fast changing media environment. 

Our program is probably the only one in the country to offer a detailed job-ready integrated media communication planning module, offering our participants an experiential learning opportunity using our own Learning Management System (LMS).


Our effort is to ensure that our participants gain knowledge of the structure, methods and solutions in communication planning, on both online & offline, that would exceed their expectations.


SPRING faculty encourage their students to implement the teachings and theories learned in class, and apply them to real-world clients and campaigns; then present to a team of professionals from the industry to get assessed before receiving their Course Completion Certificate.


SPRING  has everything you need to make a name for yourself in the industry. Come, become part of the legacy at SPRING.

Conceive, Design & Deliver World Class content through blended learning about Integrated Media Planning for professionals as well as beginners;


Lay a strong foundation about integrated media planning and its relationship with Marketing;


Constantly innovate training delivery methodologies and pedagogy, to accommodate for the fast changing learning & development processes and audience types;

Engage with the industry captains to evaluate and gather insights to make the programs more relevant to the industry needs;

Create media learning opportunities for all.​


We create an interface opportunity for participants where they meet the industry big-wigs; the participants can exhibit their skills and experts may hire a few!!

Whatever your area of business, it’s likely that we know it well.

From financial to farming, our experienced team have a wide range of media expertise.

We’ve earned our accolades, and we’ll put them to good use when working with you.

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